Build a Business, Not a Job!

Here Is Your Guaranteed Way to Learn How in the Shortest Time Possible!


Saturday, November 22nd 2014

Dear Business Owner,

After 15 years of working with hundreds of thousands of business owners one thing is very clear—most business owners are building a job for themselves, not a business.

The businesses they are building are dependent on them working long hours, with no real freedom, and with no defined exit strategy.

Don’t let that be you.

Whether you're about to start a new business and want direct guidance to do it the right way from the start ...

Or you own an established business and you want to take it to the next level, you don’t have to build your business in isolation; you can upgrade your peer group and access a proven accountability structure to do it faster!

In essence, that’s why we created the Consulting Program in the first place—to give serious business owners like yourself the concete road map and the hands-on support and accountability to build a business, not a job.

I encourage you to review the information below and then click on the “Apply Now” button below. You’ll share a few answers about the current stage of your business and the main challenges you face. Then one of our program consultants will contact you to see if you qualify for a complimentary, private Strategic Consultation.

Each of our consultants does a few of these one hour sessions each week because we’ve learned that it’s helped us find many of our most successful clients. In fact, we’ll do this session as if you were already one of our consulting clients. This way you can get to experience what it’s like to work with us, and we can get a real feel for what it would be like to work with you. Not only will you leave the session with concrete ideas to enhance your business, but we’ll both know if we have a strong fit to work together to take your business to the next level.


David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S. If you already know about the Maui Mastermind community and you want to speak with a program consultant right away, simply call our office at toll-free 866-214-6619, or apply now to schedule your complimentary 1-hour coaching session!

P.P.S. If you want to learn more about the program, and the impact it’s had on dozens of our clients before you apply to do your complimentary 1-to-1 Strategic Consultation, please scroll down. Not only will you learn the details of how this unique program works, but you’ll also get to hear from several dozen of our clients as they share their candid reviews of how the program has directly impacted their businesses.

The 10 Bottom Lines You’ll Receive if
Accepted into the Consulting Program

  1. A concrete roadmap to take your business to Level Three in as fast as 24 months!

  2. The structured accountability to make sure you make the changes and follow the action steps you know will make your business more successful and less dependent on you the owner!

  3. A proven game plan to magnify the value of your company so you can sell for millions!

  4. A breakthrough time mastery system to free up 8 hours or more of your time each week so that you can re-invest that time in building your business!

  5. A proven process to build and organize your systems (and to get your team using the systems you create!)

  6. Access to cutting-edge business owner training workshops and online tutorials to help you grow as a business owner, and expand your business.

  7. An upgraded peer group of other business owners who are playing at the same (or higher) level that you can mastermind with and peer support!

  8. A level-by-level methodology to consistently take your business to the next level!

  9. Access to an Advisor network of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs! We’ll help troubleshoot challenges and give you fresh, outside perspective on your business.

  10. A clear 90-day Strategic Plan to follow each and every quarter to cut through the noise and give you the confidence that you are doing the doing the most important things to ensure your business grows and expands!

Apply Now or call our office at 1-866-214-6619.

Here’s How the Program Works


The program has 3 distinct layers to it:

Layer I: The Strategic Layer

We’ll work with you to get a deep understanding of your current business, and you as a business owner. What are you and your business’s strengths, weaknesses, limiting factors, bottle-necks, and leverage points.

The proprietary tool we’ll use to dissect your business is called the Level Three Business Audit™.

After you complete this 128-question assessment of your business, we’ll schedule a private one-to-one teleconference to go over the results.

Together we’ll map out a 90-Day Strategic Action Plan for your business which we’ll write using our proprietary “one-page-business-plan” format.  Your Strategic Action Plan will clearly define your top three strategic objectives, along with the milestones and action steps you need to follow to reach these objectives. (We’ll even record the entire session so you can refer back to it later!)

Then every 90 days we’ll collectively create a new Strategic Action Plan so that you always have a clear, timeline driven plan to guide your actions. This strategic layer helps you know where to focus your energy and which areas of your business to let go of for the moment.

Layer II: The Execution Layer

The thing that separates the successful business owners from the also-rans is the way you execute on your plan.

We’ll work with you weekly and bi-weekly to make sure you execute on your plan and get results fast!

Twice a month (on the 1st and 15th) you’ll send us a brief informational update on how you’re doing on your key action plan deliverables, and any important updates you want your Maui Coach to know about. Not only is this another way to help you stay on track, but it helps keep your Maui Coach fully up to speed on your business so that you maximize all your one-to-one sessions.

Then, every two weeks you’ll have a private, one-to-one coaching session with your Maui Coach, to make sure you’re staying on track and to troubleshoot challenges in your business as they come up. You’ll also get access to the audio recordings of your coaching sessions, typically with 48 hours, for you to review them in detail.

The goal is to make sure you have the support, clarity, and accountability to execute on your Strategic Action Plan.

Layer III: The Business Development Layer

This final layer to the program is the detailed process we take you and your team through called the Level Three Road Map™. This concrete road through the entire lifecycle of your business is designed to help you build the systems, team, and intelligent controls you need to successfully reach Level Three.
Part of this is a custom video training library with over 200 hours of content designed to walk you and your staff through small, easy to follow steps to actually build out your company’s systems and controls.

Your Maui Coach will work with you to make sure you’re making consistent progress in building your business as a business, versus just getting stuck in the day to day job of your business.

Then at the end of the quarter, we’ll meet in person (or via a live private web cast) for our quarterly Mastermind Intensive to take stock of exactly where your

We encourage those of you who have begun developing a management team to bring your key leaders with you so that you can use the mastermind sessions as an offsite time to fine-tune your business.

This way you will always have a clear, up-to-date road map to follow as you build your business.

Then you go back into the Execution Phase and repeat the process. This is how – step-by-step—we’ll help take your business to the next level.

What Makes This Program Unique?

We understand that there are many people out there who bill themselves as “Business Coaches and Consultants”, many of whom charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to work with a business over several years.

There are three distinguishers that set our program apart:

First, we’ve done it before—again and again. We’ve built Level Three businesses and helped our clients do the same.

How can someone help take you to a place that they themselves have never been? One of the biggest reasons why many of our clients enrolled in our Consulting Program initially was because they knew we’ve built Level Three businesses before, and that we could help them do the same thing.

Second, we’ve created a reliable system and proven road map to help business owners like you grow your business to succeed independent of you. We’ve already built the proven coaching system so you can feel confident that you’ll get the results you want. This is our core business and we are very good at it.

Third, you’ll get access to the Maui community of business owners and advisors so that you’re not out there on your own. You’ll have an instant peer group of other successful business owners who share your passion, commitment, and values.

No matter which stage your business is at -- whether you're at the front end starting up a new venture, or looking for ways to scale your current business -- the concrete road map we've developed will help you take that next step more effectively and more profitably.

How Can We Guarantee You and
Your Business Breakthrough Results?

This is a very fair question. And our answer is simple -- we've done it ourselves -- again and again!

You see, we've each built multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. We've faced the same challenges you're facing: creating a winning business strategy, dealing with employee and vendor issues, controlling costs, and growing sales.

In fact, over the past 25 years, the Maui Advisors have personally created, launched, scaled, and sold over $2 billion of businesses!

But more important than the fact that we've done it in our own business lives is the impact our ideas and program has had on the lives of other business owners like you.

People like a business owner of a specialty marketing firm who used to be stuck doing the “job” of his business, without the time to invest in growing it.

Listen to what Brian said of his first year’s participation in the program:

“The program has helped me to begin building a team and systems, both of which have reduced my business’s dependence on me. Currently, our team and systems handle 95% of our operations, freeing me up to begin to systematize our sales and marketing area of the business. The best part is that during this time we’ve literally doubled our profits!

Or take the example of Linda, owner of a franchise business. Linda shared:

In just the last 6 months we’ve opened 3 more company stores and sold 4 franchises. We expect to expand to 10 more company locations and a minimum of 50 franchise locations in the next 24 months. Just being around the Maui community has helped stretch us and keep us focused on executing our strategic plan.”

Or listen to what Blake Schwank, the owner of an I.T. business had to share about the impact of the consulting program on his business:

“I’ve been working with Maui Mastermind for about 18 months and in that time we’ve seen a three-fold increase in business.”

You can watch Brian, Linda, Blake and dozens of our other clients share their direct experience with the program and the impact on their businesses in the video client reviews below. Now it is your turn!

Call our office or apply to do a complimentary one-to-one coaching session on your business. Not only will we actually “do” the session as if you were already a client of ours so that we help you pinpoint key leverage points to focus on in your business to grow and expand it, but you’ll learn exactly how we can help you take your business to the next level as part of the Consulting Program.

Listen to What Our Program Participants Have to Say About The Impact of the Consulting Program on Their Businesses


"In the last 6 months in the program I’ve stepped out of over 90% of our operations now and we’ve increased our profits by 100%"

-Business Owner

"The consulting program has helped me to develop the systematic processes to grow sales and improve the operations of my business…If you’re someone thinking about joining the program then all I can say is don’t let anything stop you—not the time, no the money, not anything. It’s made a huge impact on our business."

-Dana Smith, Exalt Resources

"I understood the technical part of being a great attorney, but I just didn’t have the business skills of running a successful business… That’s why I’m glad to have found the Maui consulting program. I’m creating system and building the structure that allows me to own a business, not just a self-employed job."

-Madeleine Nichols, Attorney

"I’ve been working with Maui Mastermind for about 18 months and in that time we’ve seen a 3-fold increase in business!"

-Blake Schwank, Colorado Computer Support

Apply Now!

"To the person that is thinking of joining the program, I recommend highly that you do whatever it takes to do it because the payback is immense."

-Chris McHale, SPK Associates

"When we connected with Maui it was divine. We were at a crisis point in our business and you gave us the necessary critical tools to make the adjustments to the new market. And it worked!"

-Jim Williams, Triad Real Estate Solutions, LLC

"In just the last 6 months we’ve opened 3 more company stores and sold 4 franchises. Just being around the Maui community has helped stretch us and keep us focused on executing our strategic plan. I felt so good about the value of what I’ve learned that I introduced my daughter (who is also an entrepreneur) to the Maui community and she’s been participating in the consulting program for 8 months now too."

-Linda, Pounds and Inches Away, Inc.

"For someone that is thinking of joining the program who has an engineering mind like I do, [the program] has got to be a mandatory way to run a business to see the future and where you can actually take it… Where I see myself right now is that I can be gone for a week or a month and the business will continue to run without me."

-Bill Issler, Fabsuite, LLC

Lainy Vanderwey"The most important thing that the program has done for me is given me a clearer blueprint of my business and how to work on it instead of in it."

-Lainy Vanderwey, The Trading Company, Inc

"Using the Level Three approach I've reduced my working hours in half and still make the same 7-figure income. Only now I don't come in to the office until after 10am and take every Friday off to be with my family for the weekend. This sure feels a lot more like wealth and freedom to me. "

-Tom Santilli, xByte Inc."

"The value of the content has been remarkable, and [Maui Mastermind] consistently shares insights and ideas that you just can't find anywhere else. Several of the techniques and strategies have literally saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last year. I built my last service business into an Advanced Stage Level Two business and sold it for over $5 million. These ideas work, but you have to listen to the Maui team and put the ideas into action. It's totally up to you."

-Ryan Arnold, Serial Entrepreneur

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"I now get to work with my sons helping to build their legacy.  How cool is that!!"

-David Stech, Purpose Built Investments, LLC

"You have a group you can turn to for answers!"

-Yin Lu, Investment Business Owner

”I don’t think there is a business that wouldn’t benefit from the Consulting Program.

-Jason Benjamin, Transtech Inc.

"Before Maui I was like a hamster in a wheel -- going and going and going and not really stepping back and working on my business, rather I kept working in my business.  The Maui group has helped me take a step out ...  I was able to do is be able to earn more and create a lot more value through the process"

-Evan Harris, Medical Sales

Apply Now!

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my wife and I have appreciated working with the Maui Mastermind team as part of their consulting program over the past 12 months. When we first got started with the program we were a Middle Stage Level Business. Our business worked, and worked very well, but only because my wife and I were there every day to keep all the moving parts performing. Over the past year in the program, we’ve been able to apply the Level Three Road Map to our business and reach an Advanced Level Two stage. We’ve begun to build our management team, there is a blueprint to build our company business systems (especially the master system of how we organize and prioritize our systems). We’ve also used the time management structure and accountability to increase our discretionary time to over twelve hours per week. This has had a huge impact on our ability to grow and develop the business. The bottom line is that our sales and market share has increased along with net profit, our future prospects look bright and we have a clear defined strategy and plan to scale our business!   If you’re a business owner who wants to take your business to the next level, I strongly recommend you to participate in the program and apply Maui Mastermind’s wisdom and knowledge. It will be a great resource in helping you build the business you truly want."

-Wayne Brown, Business Owner

"The structure and outside feedback have been invaluable."

-Thomas Jordan, Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC

25 years ago I started out in my first business as a doctor. My second career was in restaurants, then my third was in real estate. I was successful in all three but had I had a program like this when I first got out of school to teach me how to run a business, I would have been successful faster, and the amount of money and success would have been greater. It's that simple.

-Ronald Eccles, Serial Entrepreneur

"Our revenues are up in Q1 over last year Q1 and expenses are holding steady resulting in a 77% increase in net profit. Not bad considering this economy!"

-Jennifer Lyle, STS Inc.

"My company manufactures aerospace parts and a line of bicycle parts. The first thing that drew us to Maui was that even though I had grown up working in our family business, I didn’t have the skill set to run the business as a whole. I knew I needed outside coaching and direction to do it better. The program has helped me see exactly what I need to be focusing on (building out our executive team) and given me a road map to do it."

-Brian Thompson, L. H. Thompson, Inc.

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"In just the first 7 months of the program we turned that business into a $100,000 net profit."

-Karen Rittenhouse, All Property Solutions

The biggest thing in the last quarter for our business was that even though we lost a key team member, because of the systems we had in place, it was only a small hiccup that we recovered from in 48 hours.

-Blake Schwank, I.T. Business Owner

"In my 10 years of business I’ve merely built a job for myself.  I decided that while that was fine for the first 10  years, but let me make something different happen for the next 10 years!"

- Darrell Butler, Consulting Business

"After working in the program for the last 3 months, I’m make a lot more progress and getting closer to owning a business rather than a job"

-Graham Peake,  Peake & Levoy, Inc. 

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"In just the first 6 months of the program I’ve used what I learned to implement some key operational systems, and am now focused on building my sales and marketing systems.  As a result we recently had our first 5-figure month!  If you want to have a concrete road map to follow as you develop your business, I strongly encourage you to work with the Maui team."

- Peter King, Digital Publishing Solutions

"One bit of coaching on a joint-venture partnership which I was about to enter literally saved me about $100,000 per year!  You can’t really put a price tag on that."

-Tiffany P., Online Business Owner

"I learned that there are many courses to be a good dentist but to really run a good practice is a whole other story. I wanted to find someone to help coach us to the next level."

- Kimberly Nguyen, Cottage Dental

Apply Now!

"What I would say to someone that is trying to decide whether or not to be part of Maui mastermind is just to do it.  If you wait, you’ve wasted another year.  I wish I would have done this 20 years ago."

-Steve Barcik, Firefly LED Lighting, Inc.

“What’s the program going to cost me?”

Of course there is an up-front investment to work together. This is one of the core services that we provide to our clients. Would you work with someone who doesn’t have a personal stake in the relationship? Where they could just quit and you’d have lost all the time and effort you invested in working with them?

The program is structured so that you pay as you go without any long term contracts or commitments, that way not only does it make the program accessible to any serious business owner, but the pressure is always on our team to produce for you.

Besides, what you’ll discover is by following the system and staying committed to the program, it will pay for itself many times over in a very short time.

In fact, we believe so strongly in the effectiveness of the program we guarantee you — in writing — that the program will pay for itself two times over in the first 12 months working together or there will be no charge!

But I want to be clear here, this is going to take work. If you expect to just enroll in the Consulting Program and wake up in the morning with a Level Three business, think again! You’re kidding yourself.

We can guide you, steer your efforts, and make sure you stay on course, but you are the one who is going to have to put in the work. You are the one who is going to have to take action. It’s your business after all!

But We Need to Put First Things First…

The real question is, are you serious about taking your business to Level Three?

If you are, then chances are that as you’ve been reading this letter you’re intuition has been telling you that this is the missing ingredient you’ve been looking for.

I urge you to take the next step now that you’ve decided to, and APPLY NOW! Or if you prefer, you can call our office at 1-866-214-6619 to schedule your free one-to-one coaching session with one of our seasoned program consultants. I'm not sure if your business is a fit for the program or not, but I do know that after a short 5-10 minute phone conversation our team will be able to better guide you to the best resources to use to take your business to Level Three.

As I mentioned before, if your business qualifies, then we’ll schedule a complimentary Strategic Business Consultation to look at your business and exactly where you want to take it. In fact, we’ll do this session as if you were one of our consulting clients so that you can get a real sense of what it would be like to work with us, and we can get a real feel for what it would be like to work with you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. The Consulting Program was designed to give you the structure and the accountability… the road map and the upgraded peer group… the direction and the feedback you need to take your business to the next level.

You don’t have to go it alone out there. Together, we will make certain that you’ll succeed and reach your business goals.


David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S. Stop building your business in isolation and let our team mentor and guide you. Simply call our office at toll-free 866-214-6619, or apply now to schedule your complimentary 1-hour coaching session!

Your Next Steps

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. The Consulting Program was designed to give you the structure and the accountability… the road map and the upgraded peer group… the direction and the feedback you need to take your business to the next level.

If you want this concrete road map, strategic direction, and structured accountability for you and your business, then let us take you by the hand and mentor you every step of the way.

You don’t have to go it alone out there. Together, we will make certain that you’ll succeed and reach your business goals.

Call our office at toll-free 866-214-6619, or apply now to schedule your complimentary 1-hour coaching session!